Thursday, March 19, 2009


My friends and I had such an amazing weekend at the Britney concert and then in NYC. The concert was so much fun. We were of course surrounded by teeny boppers who ate up Anthony's (my gay friend) enthusiasm. We rocked out to all the songs, sang along and it helped that we had our buzz on from some amazing drinks at dinner. Every meal we ate while in New Jersey and New York were amazingly delicious. So the picture up top is me and Lynanne rockin' our new Britney tees! And below is us looking sexy in the elevator on the way to the show.

The theme of the show is CIRCUS so they had a 3 ring circus as the stage with circus acts going all throughout the show. It was so awesome! My pictures of the actual show didn't turn out very well because my camera sucks, but it was so worth it!
Having some delicious martinis
We went into NYC the next day and had such a great time walking around Times Square, checking out the different stores. We walked down 5th Avenue and went into a couple stores that were ridiculously out of our price range, ie: Louis Vuitton, Saks and Tiffany's (actually we didn't go in there, I would have felt dumb)
Being touristy on some giant LOVE sculpture. How cute!
Carriage ride through Central Park.
The start of the BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mason's 1st day of school

Great big grin of excitement on the morning of his 1st day of school.
First impression of his classroom.
After school with Miss Silva. What a great 1st day!!!
While we wait for Hunter to be released from his class.
With all the excitement it was hard to get 'em to look at me. Brothers at their first school.

Mason's 3rd Birthday

Taking time out to talk to Gramma on his birthday!
Rockin' out!!
Make a Wish, Birthday King!!
The smallest, least expensive gifts always get the most use!

For Mason's birthday we didn't really plan anything major. I had to work the earlier part of the day, so after work we went bowling. Mason's choice. We had a great time. Mason didn't really bowl a whole lot. Later he told us that his ball went too slow and he wasn't good at it. Sad!! But he was certainly entertained with all his new gifts and popcorn and the claw machines. Hunter loves bowling and did a great job! I can't wait to go bowling again!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random... but keep scrolling cuz I posted a bunch

Me and my besties on Lynanne's birthday.

Just in case some of you didn't actually receive my Christmas card...Mindi. Sorry!!
Check out that cheezy grin.

Wonderful Snow Storms

Though we haven't gotten nearly as much snow as all you Spokanites, we have had our fair share. I love that our back yard is safe. The past 2 years we had to worry about the kids walking on broken glass and garbage. I love our place now!! And we even have a little sledding hill right outside our back sliding door.
Making a snow angel, of course.
Gotta love the sock mittens lol!
King of the mountain!
Taking a ride with our sled dog. I don't really know what's going on with my face there.

Christmas Morning

Mason being a scary robot!!
One of the boys' favorite toys. It's so cool! Thanks Lynanne!!
Guitar Hero. Yeah!

They each get their own guitars. Actually Mason's crappy cheap one broke and I should probably return it, but time just flies by. It was nice being able to have a nice Christmas and not stress about being able to buy enough gifts. We had a nice day, full of playing and putting toys together. We went and saw Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler and it was good. Then came home to a nice dinner of ribs and mashed taters. Awesome day!

Catching up

At Hunters' school, they had a gingerbread house project for all the kids and their siblings. It was so cute and surprisingly not too hectic trying to keep all the frosting off the kids clothes. Luckily I have amazingly good children, because there were some kids covered from head to toe in frosting. Haha to those parents.

Thank God they didn't try to eat the candy. Who knows whose hands were all over that stuff.